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★Individual control knob for maximum heat regulation, powered by standard build-in butane gas canister.

★Heat output is 4,400BTU/Hr. The heating area is approximately 100 sq.ft.

★Various coating color is available

★Light weight, compact and portable design with folding carry handle

★Built in Pressure Sensor Cartridge Ejection System and Gas Flow Cut Off Mechanism (butane), will eject cartridge at overheating

★The gas leakage and over pressure protections make this gas heater a high quality and safety heating alternative.

★Piezo-electric ignition that eliminates the use for lighter/matches in order to ignite flame. No need for lighters or matches with this gas heater. 

★It can be used as a heater for warming, also used for cooking when camping. Perfect to take it outside when camping,hiking, travelling, picnic etc.

Net Weight(lbs,Kg)6.05/2.75
Gross Weight(lbs,Kg)7.04/3.2
Unit Size(inch,mm)10.83x7.08x10.36(275x180x263)
Master Carton(inch,mm)11.34x7.87x10.67(288x200x271)
Container Loading(20ft/40ft/40HQ)1018/2100/2470
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